Ciao Bella Texture Stencil 5x8 Confidential

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Ciao Bella Texture Stencil 5x8 Confidential

Bletchley Park, 1940. Soak up on the utmost secrecy of the codebreaking centre where Alan Turing became the father of computer science. This collection pays a tribute to the brave women of World War Two who intercepted transmissions, served as cryptanalyst, mathematicians and intelligence agents, contributing to decipher Enigma. Textures and illustrations have been designed to restore the atmosphere of the mid-’40s office place, as well as the warm color palette of green and sepia.

Stencil Art line is designed to add layering textures and designs to your projects. This mask has various text 'Do Not Open', 'Classified', 'Enigma', 'Confidential' and more. Perfect for paper crafting, scrapbooking and mixed media projects.

• Design 5x8 inches (12.5cm x 20cm)
• Thickness 0.3mm
• Paint colour and ink compatible, easy to clean
• Highly resistant
• Reusable and long lasting
• Designed in Italy and Made in China by Ciao Bella

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