LC Lisa Horton Crafts Peony Rose Stem Layering Stencils

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Peony Rose Stem Layering Stencils

    The Peony Rose Stem Layering Stencils set includes 1 set of layering stencils with 6 layers. The stunning layering stencil can be used as a background or focal point on your cards.  Mix and match your colours to create completely different results. Each stencil is numbered. Use the stencils in numbered order for best results. Designed for use with the Ulti-Mate Multi Tool (LHCUM001), these stencils have an edge lined with holes to secure them. This ensures perfect and precise results every time.  Also part of the Lisa Horton line is the Ulti-Mate Storage Binder (LHCT002) which will be perfect to store your layering stencils. This mask coordinates with matching Peony Rose Stem 6x6 3D Embossing Folder With Cutting Die (LHCEF047).  Designed by Lisa Horton.

    • 6 - 6 x 6 inch stencils

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