About us

Our team of fairies and unicorns can make you richer, thinner and smarter. While this is wishful thinking rather than fact, we do think or dare hope that our dedicated and knowledgeable (some even quite funny) staff members can make you happier and even more artsy.

Our store is like a playground for adults, young and old. Our staff is strongly committed to offer you a personalized service with a small-town flair and hospitality, in both official languages, whether you prefer French or English and even some level of Spanish.

Scrap en Masse started in the basement of the owner’s home (just ask the teenage boys who had to live through that period of early Saturday morning walk-ins). It was born out of the owner’s passion (some would say obsession), with Scrapbooking and Mixed Media Arts and thanks to the support of her very dedicated mother. For the benefit of the boys' sanity and because it quickly grew, the store moved to a charming house in the village of Alfred, Ontario, which is well situated one hour west of Montreal, Quebec, one hour north of Cornwall, Ontario and 45 minutes east of Ottawa, Ontario.

How did such a niche market survive in such a small village? We believe it survived because Scrap en Masse is well worth the travel. People have told us they came from far away and made special trips to visit our store because of our vast collection, competitive prices and our friendly service. Scrap en Masse started as a brick and mortar store in 2006 and, in 2020, went online in order to continue thriving in the new normal brought about by the coronavirus. Going online was a giant leap of faith and quite a struggle for our small business in our world of empires. However, if you are reading this, it means we succeeded. We believe many people appreciate the small and local businesses and the flavor they bring. You can now shop in the comfort of your own home.

Art has always been a necessity for many and is even more important when things are difficult. We hope to continue to make you happy and make you smile while bringing you the level of service you deserve. We aim to please and we love to get dirty with mists, powders, inks, paints and fairy dust.