1. Where is the store located? 

  • Scrap en masse is located at 222 Old Highway 17, Plantagenet, Ontario, approximately one hour west of Montreal, Quebec and 40 minutes east of Ottawa, Ontario. 

2. Where do you ship?

  • Scrap en masse sells and ships to all Canadian provinces and Territories. No international shipping at this time, although we are anticipating to do so in the future.

3. Which shipping carrier do you use?

  • All shipping is done through Canada Post.

4. What are the shipping costs?

  • Shipping and handling costs are on a flat rate basis (regardless of number of items ordered) and are based on destination of province.
  • $10.00 for Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  • $15.00 for Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Northern Territories, Yukon and Newfounland 
  • $18.00 for British Columbia and Alberta
  • $30.00 for Nunavut
  • Shipping costs are FREE for orders of $150 + (pre-tax) for the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
  • Shipping costs are half-price for orders $150 + (pre-tax) for all other Canadian provinces and Territories.
  • Note: Some clients combine their orders to take advantage of these offers.

5. What are your opening hours?

  • The store is open Mondays to Saturdays from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Closed on Sundays.
  • Online store is open 24/7.

6. Do you offer workshops?

  • Yes, in-store workshops are offered on a regular basis. Check the workshop section of the home page for more information as it is regularly updated. We do not currently offer online workshops.

7. Can I register online for workshops?

  • Registration is currently solely available by telephone. Please call 613-679-4298 (local) or 1-866-218-3704 (toll free) to register for a workshop.

8. In which languages can I be served?

  • All employees are bilingual and can serve you in Canada's both official languages (French and English)

    9. Why is some information strange or different on the French language side of the website? 

    • The website's original langage is English. The translation is done through an App and every translation needs to be reviewed by humans. Given the number of pages and products this website has, this is an ongoing task . App translation can sometimes be tricky. However, our staff will continue to be vigilant and make corrections to the French side of the website. Scrap en masse wants to continue serving costumers in both English and French as it has done over the past 15 years.

    10. Where do you get your products?

    • We usually order from compagnies and distributors in Canada, the United States and Europe.

    11. Do you take special orders?

    • We have always taken special orders. If you would like a specific product, let us know and we will bring it in if possible. Once your product is in, we will contact you and you can decide to pick it up at the store or have it shipped. You could also add to your order before shipping.

    12. Some products are out of stock. Will you get more?

    • When products are out of stock, they are either deleted, if we do not intend to restock or left on the website if we intend to get some more. Please keep in mind that it can take a few days to update the website.