Ecoline Brush Marker Sets, 30-Pen General Set

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These sets feature brush pens with brilliant water-soluble ink which can be reworked once dry. The brush pens feature highly intense, saturated dye-based liquid watercolor that dries within minutes, can be rewetted and is blendable. It produces great results on paper or board. Light Yellow, Deep Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Chartreuse, Light Orange, Deep Orange, Vermilion, Carmine, Scarlet, Magenta, Deep Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Sepia, Reddish Brown, Ultramarine Deep, Ultramarine Violet, Prussian Blue, Turquoise Blue, Red Violet, Blue Violet, Sky Blue (Cyan), Green, Light Green, Deep Green, Forest Green, Black, Cold Grey, Warm Grey and Colorless Blender

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