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Using your embossing heat tool can be cumbersome, awkward, and dangerous when you're trying to hold everything in your hands. You need a heat tool caddy! With the Desk Maid Embossing Station from Totally-Tiffany, your hands are free to hold your project at the exact angle and distance. This sturdy holder will keep your heat tool steady while you work. Clip your project onto the separate paddle while you're embossing, then set it in the angled slots to cool while you work on the next one. There's even a pocket to hold your anti-static tool so it's always where you need it.

Designed to fit most craft heat tools, this embossing heat tool caddy also comes with a removable sizing ring for smaller-tipped tools.

The Embossing Station includes:

  • Stand for craft heat tools
  • Removable sizing ring for different size tool applications
  • Convenient storage pocket
  • Cooling/drying rack
  • Project paddle with removable clip
  • Compact storage slots for paddle and tool cord

Dimensions: 11" tall x 4" wide x 9" long (28cm x 10cm x 23cm). The Embossing Station is part of the Desk Maid line of craft storage and organization solutions.

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