Fabrika Decoru LIQUID LACE 150 ml (VARIOUS COLORS)

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iquid lace 150ml – is an innovative water-based, odorless acrylic compound designed to create openwork embellishments and decor with fine, thin details. Due to its high fluidity and penetrating possibilities, it allows you to easily model and accurately reproduce even the smallest elements: curls, leaves, and intricate ornaments. This product will help you easily get elegant, flexible and very fine openwork lace.

The resulting product after drying has a silky-matte surface, acquires high elasticity, perfectly bends and does not crack. The height of the elements can reach 2mm.

Depending on the temperature, ambient humidity and layer thickness, drying time can be from 2.5h to 3 hours. After complete drying, it forms a strong, elastic layer with a resist effect (does not collapse under the influence of water). To create flexible lace, it is necessary to use a special shaping silicone mat (we recommend using the icing mats widely applied in culinary). The composition can be applied to any surface without prior priming.

To obtain a high-quality result, Fabrika Decoru recommends:

When forming complex reliefs with lots of small details, such as lace, leaves, feathers, flowers, you will require "Liquid Lace" and an icing mat. Take the mat, and fill the form with the composition. Use a palette knife, a piece of plastic or cardboard. After filling all the recesses with the liquid, remove the excess. Leave the form to dry completely for 3-4 hours. Then carefully remove the finished flex lace from the mold. After drying, the finished product acquires an elasticity, does not crack and does not crumble for a long time. It can be rolled, cut with scissors, torn by hand, and painted with acrylics, metallics and chameleons. Openwork elements and lace can be used to decorate various items that have a nonflat surface: glasses, candles, flower pots and vases. Liquid lace will also be an ideal tool for decorating postcards, photo albums, diaries and other arts and crafts.

"Liquid lace" can be used to color various surfaces. The composition fits perfectly on wooden, stone, glass, plastic surfaces, as well as on paper and cardboard. After drying, it does not crumble, does not crack and creates a pleasant to the touch silky-matt surface with the “soft touch” effect.

"Liquid lace" can be widely used in mixed media works. The surface does not require pre-priming. Apply the product with a brush in random strokes, with a sponge through a stencil, and let it dry. When staining the finished surface with water-based paints, it reaches a resist effect.

Application Features:

  • Mix thoroughly before every use!
  • Rinse the used instruments and the icing rolling mat after use with water.
  • If the product comes into contact with the skin, wash it off with water.
  • Depending on the temperature, ambient humidity and layer thickness, drying time can be from 2.5 hours to 3 hours.
  • Store in a tightly-closed container at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Volume: 150 ml.

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