Pigma Micron Set Assorted 10/Pkg Grey and Black

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For professional and aspiring artists familiar with PIGMA Micron, these new grays are designed for anything from precision shading to covering large areas. Available in Light Cool Gray and Cool Gray Ink in 01, 05, 10 and BR nibs. These pens are ideal for anime, illustration, cartooning, pen-and-ink drawing, scrapbooking, and other detail work. Pigma ink is permanent, fade resistant, chemically stable, and will not bleed or run after the ink has dried. Invented by Sakura over 30 years ago, Pigma ink continues to be the most reliable permanent ink on the market today. Artists, archivists, crafters, journal enthusiasts, students, and scientists alike trust Pigma Micron® for all of their creative endeavors, archival-quality projects, and more. Set of 10 includes 1 each: 01, 05, 10, BR Light Gray (#42) + 1 each: 01, 05, 10, BR Cool Gray(#44) + 1 each; 05, 10 Black (#49)

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