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Introducing the 'Clio' Decor Mould®, a unique and versatile tool for DIY enthusiasts. This stunning mould features three highly detailed designs, including a regal owl, wondrous butterfly, and fabulous beetle; each perfect for adding a touch of natural whimsy to your crafting and DIY projects. Redesign's Decor Moulds® are durable, oven-safe, food-safe, and of the highest quality, allowing a variety of materials, including resin, hot glue, modeling material, and more, to help you create unique castings that are perfect for a variety of DIY projects. Whether you are an experienced crafter or just starting out, the 'Clio' Decor Mould® (5x8 inch) is a must-have for your crafting supplies. Order yours today and start creating beautiful, unique castings that will add charm and character to any project.

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