Prima Re-Design Decor Mould Finley

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The regal 'Finley' Decor Mould® showcases three, uniquely designed vertical frames nestled together, each with wondrous, vintage detailing and design. Versatility adds to the value of owning Redesign's Decor Moulds®, offering multiple design options that can be cast over and over again. Try resin, modeling material, hot glue, paper clay, fondant, melting chocolate, and more. This allows you to create a wide range of projects, from custom picture frames to unique home accents, cake decorations, and more, all in round and rectangular shapes. Redesign with Prima® creates the highest quality Decor Mould® which are also food-safe and oven-safe, ensuring that you can use them for a variety of projects without worry. The mould is easy to use and produces stunning results every time.

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