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Susan's Garden Ultimate Tool Kit is a 15-piece tool kit that will assist in creating realistic floral designs. Tool 'n One barrel is easy on the hands. There are six tips designed to use with the Tool 'n One barrel. Use three ball stylus tips (2mm, 5mm and 8mm) with the Foam Molding Mat for adding dimension to petals and cupping flower layers. Two Loop Tools (short and long) used with the Foam Molding Mat will shape and add striations to individual flower petals. One Leaf Tool tip, used with the Leaf Pad, creates realistic veins, and striations to leaves, petals and stems. All are housed in a tips plastic pouch to keep in one place! There are three types of surfaces: The Leaf Pad , The Foam Molding Mat and The Non-Stick Sheet. Other tools include a pair of detailing scissors, detail tweezers and reverse tweezers.

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