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The Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 4 was designed by Cecilia Swatton. For Cecilia, abstract art has a “backbone,” a structure that establishes visual logic, builds excitement into key areas, and creates a “light-path” for guiding viewers thru the artwork. To show this path, Cecilia has blocked out visually connected areas in her Abstract Compositions Backbones Mask Series; designed as solid shapes surrounded by outlined shapes.

These masks are “starters,” giving artists “backbones” to make art measuring 6” x 6” – but also providing easy ways to create larger artworks, extending the size of a single mask with painter’s tape and/or using the masks in combination.

The artist can leave these blocked-out areas white, or subtly tint them to keep them nearly white in the viewer’s eye. Each mask can be used as-is or can be cut free from its 6” x 6” frame.

Product Details:

  • 6" x 6"
  • 7 mil mylar is thick enough to be durable, yet thin enough for a seamless look in your art

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