T-REX Alcohol Ink, Jurassic Sized - Pure White (4oz)

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Our huge PURE WHITE Ink is crisply and opaquely white and has an applicator tip for easy use.

  • HIGH QUALITY: Non-transparent True White Opaque Ink
  • JURASSIC SIZED: Equivalent to 6 regular T-Rex Bottles!
  • MIX CUSTOM COLORS: Great for mixing with other inks for a whole new palette
  • EASY APPLICATION: Anti-clogging applicator tip with leak-resistant cap
  • PETRI BLOOMER: Perfect for ink drop resin art / Petri art

Our T-Rex Pure White Ink is huge! And you don't need to buy special applicators to use it because it has the same anti-clogging tip and easy-screw top as our regular bottles. This large size is perfect for ink artists with a wide array of projects from beautiful paintings to resin ink drop Petri artworks or wherever your artistic sails take you. Use it to mix your own custom opaque colors for a whole new prism of palettes in your arsenal. The bottle is ergonomically shaped and hard to knock over with a wide sturdy base much like a T-Rex!

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