T-REX Alcohol Ink Set - Warm Earthtones (12pc)

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Includes 12 20ml bottles.


Earthy nuanced tones in a mega 12-pack with a Gold Metallic and reusable storage box.

  • JUMBO-SIZED: 12 Jumbo 20ml Alcohol Ink Bottles provides 33-50% more ink per bottle
  • VIVID UNIQUE COLORS: 12 warm-toned earthy colors that are exclusive to T-Rex Inks
  • REUSABLE STORAGE BOX: Keep your inks organized and portable
  • QUICK-DRYING & INDELIBLE: Our Alcohol Ink sets are water-resistant, 100% acid-free, and Japanese dye-based for creating long-lasting depth, layering & stunning effects
  • ANTI-CLOGGING & LEAK-RESISTANT: Precision applicators & leak-resistant screw caps means more control with less spills
  • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE: Create brilliant color on most non-porous surfaces for many art and DIY projects as well as a colorant for epoxy resin

Our WARM EARTHtones Pack offers a nuanced collection of 12 colors spanning the spectrum of pink, red, orange, yellow, and brown with a pop of Gold Metallic (our first-ever metallic). Good Art is all about nuances and an artist must have the right tools to achieve those which is why we made this series. Also, check out our COOL EARTHtones Pack for the rest of the color spectrum. Each 12-pack is sold separately.

The WARM EARTHtones pack colors: Snapdragon Pink, Coral Blush, Cabernet, Mojave Dust, Canyon Rust, Butterly Orange, Ancient Amber, Autumn Yellow, Driftwood, Caffe Crema, Meteorite, and Golden Hour Metallic.

Fiercely vibrant Japanese dye-based inks perfect for use on non-porous surfaces for use in painting, fabric dying, jewelry making, stamping, epoxy resin dye, and many more surfaces! The artistic possibilities are endless. 100% acid-free and indelible. Our inks clean up with alcohol, have rewetting properties, and can be thinned for transparency. Try it out on glossy paper, glass, stone, leather, ceramic, vinyl, plastic, foil, wood, fiberglass, vellum, epoxy resin, or even polymer clay.

Earthy Nuanced Tones Like You've Never Seen Before!

As artists ourselves, we worked for many months narrowing down what we wanted from each hue and testing them fully before landing on these tones. We wanted extremely vibrant colors that were also earthy and subtle. They had to look stellar whether in full vibrance or thinned out with our CLEAR BLENDER (sold separately). Each color is named to specifically and accurately reflect their complexity. Some are straightforward and some offer exciting undertones. Here is a little about each color:

  • SNAPDRAGON PINK gets its name from the beautiful flower that it so perfectly matches. Nothing else nailed this hue so perfectly. It is unabashedly pink, but in an earthy way, with muted notes that have an ever so light touch of violet underlying the warm pink tones. It is like the perfect shade of a spring-pink lipstick.
  • CORAL BLUSH makes a dalliance into the red family while also remaining firmly pink. Apply it heavily for more of a red-tinged pink, or thin it out with our clear blender for a soft blushing pink.
  • CABERNET is a deep crimson wine tone with all of its earthy notes and a robust burgundy undertone that bolsters this hue of red with a complexity of an expensive glass of vino. Thin it out for more of a cranberry color.
  • MOJAVE DUST is arguably our most earthy tone with "dust" in its very name and Mojave coming from the deserts of the American Southwest where the setting sun illuminates ruddy sands. Pour it thick for a dusky auburn hue or thin it out with our clear blender for a wispy desert sands red.
  • CANYON RUST is a wildly exhilarating color that spans from deep rusty brown when poured thick to an orange-brown cinnamony color when thinned. You can use it to get a robust ginger or copper-like (nonmetallic) tone making this a very versatile earth tone. It really pops with our Golden Hour metallic too.
  • BUTTERFLY ORANGE is by far the brightest in the Earthtones packs because, after all, the earth offers some very bright tones, namely, that of a bright and cheery butterfly. One of the most exciting things about this hue is the surprise undertones you can bring out when you thin it. You will find yellows and pinks at the edges and a punchy bright orange in the center. It is like every color of sherbert in one color.
  • ANCIENT AMBER is aptly named for its namesake fossilized resin we have all seen in jewelry and certain dinosaur-themed movies ("Spared no expense"). It is a caramelly, butterscotch-like yellow tone that is visually rich and yummy.
  • AUTUMN YELLOW is the exact shade of end-of-autumn leaves just before they fall off the tree and cover the ground in that iconic fall yellow color you end up jumping into a pile of. It has a very soft vegetal green-yellow tinge to it that remains vibrant and almost golden like freshly poured olive oil.
  • DRIFTWOOD offers an array of sepia tones much like the wide coloring of wood that washes up to shore. At the thinner edges, it is a pale hazel, and at its full intensity, a rich khaki.
  • CAFFE CREMA is guaranteed to make you want a freshly poured espresso. It is a deep nutty coffee brown with warm latte undertones and roasty overtones.
  • METEORITE is a stout charcoal tone that is hearth to the fire of your creativity. It calls to mind stoney colors, be it river rocks, pebbles, or an outcropping of slate.
  • GOLDEN HOUR adds dimension to your work breathing depth and life into it much like the perfect lighting of a photographer's golden hour. This is not just a gold color, it really has a true metallic effect to it. Just make sure to shake it up really well first.

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