T-Rex Inks Alcohol Ink Clear Blending Solution, Jurassic Sized (4oz)

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An essential alcohol ink art tool, our CLEAR BLENDER is huge and has an applicator tip.

  • TEXTURES & BLENDS: Create soft & airy blending effects with alcohol inks
  • CRAFT CUSTOM COLORS: Use as a base for blending transparent custom colors
  • JURASSIC SIZED: Equivalent to 6 regular T-Rex Bottles!
  • REWORK ALCOHOL INK: Rewets your alcohol ink so you can rework it
  • CLEANING: Cleans alcohol ink off brushes and tools

Our 4-ounce Clear Blender is huge! Like Jurassic BIG. And you don't need to buy special applicators to use it because it has the same anti-clogging tip and easy-screw top as our regular bottles. Speaking of our regular bottles, this behemoth is equivalent to 6 of regular size bottles, which is essential for avid artists who need lots of clear alcohol ink blender to rewet their work, clean their brushes, custom blend their own transparent colors, and create beautiful blending effects. The bottle is ergonomically shaped and hard to knock over with a wide sturdy base much like a T-Rex!

What is Alcohol Ink Clear Blending Solution?

Also called a clear blender, alcohol ink blending solution typically has alcohol as its base as well as an important and key proprietary blend of other chemicals that thicken it and create a fluid transport system that is perfectly matched to alcohol inks' intense pigmentation. Just a drop will go a long way. For a thoroughly dilute effect, put just a drop or two of colored alcohol inks in an ounce of blending solution. This lets you create your own custom blended colors.

Its primary and main use is to help you move around your inks on the page or medium you are using, getting them where you want, as diluted as you want, before the inks dry. Alcohol ink blending solutions can be used to rewet old ink on waterproof paper. Don't like a part of the painting from yesterday? Guide a little clear blender into the area and watch it open up and become malleable.

Use Our Clear Blender (AKA Clear Blending Solution) for this:

  • Paintings you want to take your time with or achieve a soft billowy effect on.
  • Dispersing colors over a larger surface.
  • Creating custom colors you can bottle and set aside.
  • Creating open "channels" for controlled lines in alcohol ink that is already on the page. This dries in similar time to the inks whereas the isopropyl alcohol dries faster, creating a rushing effect of the remaining inks it had previously dissipated. The Blender won't do that nearly as much.
  • Rewetting your work.

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